• Acer branch with familypictures
  • Magnolia branch with familypictures
  • Plum blossom branch
    Plum blossom branch

    For privacy reasons, the person on the blossom flowers is made invisible.

  • Keepsake
  • A wild rose with a precious photo
    A wild rose with a precious photo

    A mariage picture of her parents, a wild rose... a precious keepsake.
    I'm grateful for getting this assignment.

  • Custom made orchid
    Custom made orchid

    This was a beautiful assignment. M. asked me to create an art object with pictures of her parents. She told me that her mother always had orchids in her home. She loved taking care of them. We agreed that this plant was perfect…

  • Peonies as a goodbye gift
    Peonies as a goodbye gift

    Unfortunately, the editors of a Dutch magazine had to say goodbye to six dear colleagues due to a reorganization. The chief editor wanted very much to give a beautiful and personalized gift.

    Everyone is fond of peonies: pretty…

  • Gift for a 40th wedding anniversary
    Gift for a 40th wedding anniversary

    For the wedding anniversary of her sister and brother-in-law she wanted to give a special gift. She herself thought of anemones. I had never made ​​them, but my heart leapt as anemones are one of my favorite flowers. And…

  • Loving Aunt Ruth
    Loving Aunt Ruth

    “Make sure you always have love in your life. It is the greatest gift of all.” bron: Loving Aunt Ruth van Honey Lazar

    For photographer Honey Lazar I had made brooches before. This time she asked me to create two leaf brooches…

  • Warm memories
    Warm memories

    My client sent me this beautiful picture with a few precious pictures of her father and mother. She wanted advice on which picture would be the best on a flower. Her mother has recently deceased, her father 18 years ago. She…

  • Gladiolus

    During our collaboration for the art prints Chantana challenged me to make a gladiolus. She sent me a beautiful picture of her father. In my head I saw the flower in front of me, but it turned out to be quite difficult to make it.…

  • Custom made oak pendant with photo of beloved mother
  • Personal butterflies
    Personal butterflies

    These butterfly brooches are printed with the most loved ones of my customer and their wedding picture. It was a late Christmas present.

  • Tulip
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