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My story

"My work began with a story. The story of the last woman on Earth, abandoned by Mother Nature. She was cared for by Flora and she grows into a beautiful natural human. Generations later a girl, half natural / half man, discovers a hidden garden in the woods. A garden full of memories, insights and dreams.

This garden of beautiful moments is still the place where I go when I need inspiration. It is hidden deep in my heart. In this garden nature reflects our world,  our existence, our lives, my life. In this garden nature can grow undisturbed and I can be myself. Sometimes ... when the time comes, I will show my discoveries to the outside world through my work. Or I allow someone to take a look in the garden, we go together on research and we come to a beautiful work of art. It is a fine place. So pure and so ordinary. Different. Pure different."


Miranda van Dijk (1976) is an artist and storyteller. She gave up her job as a communication consultant at a bank in 2007 to fully focus on an Interior Styling study. There she recovers her creativity and her love for poetic stories and art. After graduating, she founded her company Puur Anders and worked for years as an artist on assignment. Her leaves and textile flowers printed with personal photos of customers were send all over the world. In 2012 she won the jury prize of the 'Unexpected Craft' competition from Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and she worked with Etsy and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Until she decided in 2016 that life should be different and took the step to work completely free. She now gives lectures and performances, writes poems and short stories and creates what her heart tells her. In 2017 her debut poetry and story bundle Sensitive Survivors was published.

"I am so happy that I have taken this unfamiliar path in the garden. Since then I have met special people and discovered the power of vulnerability. Sharing my personal story behind my botanical art, poems and stories has opened my heart and my eyes shine. " Miranda




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